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Visit Corse

Corsica is an island of various contrasts, from expansive beach areas all around the coastline to mountainous regions full of dramatic beauty. Corsica holidays offer the chance to experience a rich flavour of France, one with strong influences of nearby Italy. The island’s capital and towns are delightful to explore and are brimming with many centuries of culture and history.

The French island of Corsica is a popular European tourism destination. It’s located off the southeast coast of France and is west of Italy. Lying in the Mediterranean Sea, Corsica has a mountain range running down it like a spine; this gives the island different climates at the various altitudes: hot Mediterranean at lower levels, cooler temperate higher up and chilly alpine in the highest parts. The island is served via air links to the main Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport, just outside the capital, Ajaccio, as well as three others around the island. Corsica holidays are a relaxing getaway in a beautiful part of France.

There’s lots of great accommodation for your Corsica holidays, and gorgeous areas to stay in. Ajaccio is a good choice for those who want to get to their accommodation as quickly as possible as it is located near to the international airport. The capital is a beautiful place with stunning views out across the Mediterranean, and is a wonderful cultural mix of French and Italian. Other areas popular with visitors include Bonifacio on the southern tip of the island and Calvi on the northwest coast. Porto Vecchio, on the southeast coast, is also a good area to stay and has some great accommodation.

Corsica’s beautiful beaches are a prime attraction for many people, who just want to relax on them and soak up the sun while taking the occasional dip in the warm Mediterranean Sea. Among the best beaches on the island are Cupabia and Campomoro in the southwest and Lozari and Calvi in the northwest. Moriani beach, on the east coast, is great for families while Palombaggia in the south is popularly known as ‘the most beautiful beach’ on the island.

From the moment you arrive in Corsica, you can’t escape the fact that this island was where the French military leader Napoleon Bonaparte was born. The international airport is named after him, and visitors can see the house where he lived.

Corsica is great for hill walking and hiking, and there are numerous routes you can take up into the hills and mountains, where you’ll see dramatic views of the island. If you’re walking in the Balagne region in the northwest of Corsica – known as the Garden of the Island – you can visit charming hilltop villages that have hardly changed in centuries.

On your Corsica holidays you can also take in the charms of the island’s towns, including Bonifacio on the southern coast. This ancient fortress town is popular with tourists during the summer months, due to its lovely beaches and sights. In the capital, Ajaccio, you can visit Musee Fesch, the main museum of fine arts on the island, as well as strolling around the streets of this attractive place and viewing its many monuments.

In the evening, dine out at some amazing restaurants on the island, and sample some of the best of local fare. Corsican cuisine is a mix of French and Italian and is big on fresh vegetables, seafood and olive oil. Corsica also produces some good-quality wines.

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#Ajaccio Visit Ajaccio Som den största bosättningen på Korsika, Ajaccio har några fördelar som de andra städerna på ön i Medelhavet inte kan erbjuda. Det börjar...


#Aleria Visit Aleria Beläget på östkusten, Aléria, huvudstaden på det antika Korsika, byggdes av foci på 600-talet f.Kr. Den gamla bosättningen ligger nära Matra Fort. Matra Fort,...


#Bastia Visit Bastia Located on the island of Corsica, Bastia is one of the largest cities on the island and serves as the islands principal port....


#Bonifacio Visit Bonifacio Belägen på den södra änden av Korsika, Bonifacio ligger precis vid Medelhavet och sitter mittemot Sardinien bredvid Bonifaciosundet. Det är den enda hamnen...


#Calvi Visit Calvi Calvi is located on the northwestern tip of Corsica and according to lore is the birthplace of Christopher Columbus. The city is known...


#Figari Visit Figari Figari is located in Corsica fifteen kilometers north of Bonifacio. Figari consists of the district of Tivarello, where the town hall and the...

Other regions

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#Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes Visit Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes #AuvergneRhoneAlpes #VisitAuvergneRhoneAlpes #France #visitFrance #TouristInformation #TravelVideo #Holiday

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Region Centre-Val de Loire

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Region Corse

#Corse Visit Corse Corsica is an island of various contrasts, from expansive beach areas all around the coastline to mountainous regions full of dramatic beauty. Corsica...

Region Grand Est

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Region Hauts-de-France

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Region Ile-de-France

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Region Normandie

#Normandie Visit Normandie Normandiets kystlinje strækker sig langs den engelske kanal med lange strande, traditionelle fiskerlandsbyer og lystbådehavne. Inde i landet er det bølgende landskab, udsigt over...

Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine

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